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In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Dear market friends,

We are still awaiting approval to open this season, we will continue to update our website as needed. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge recent events. Please read the statement below that I worked on in partnership with our Board of Directors--

The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests against police brutality and systemic racism, in response to the murder of George Floyd by an officer of the Minneapolis Police Department. As a community leader, we recognize our role to help facilitate change and are committed to combating racism. In the coming weeks, the Chamber will share a more detailed plan that provides resources for our community.

Through the Logan Square Farmers Market, we have been working towards a more just, sustainable food system through our mission of (1) building an alternative food system, (2) fostering entrepreneurship, and (3) building community. But we still have more work to do. Currently, less than 7% of farms in the U.S. are BIPOC owned/operated in the U.S as a result of discriminatory loan practices, land theft, and more. We are committed to inviting more Black owned/operated farms and food businesses to our lineup.

We invite white and non-black allies to dive into this resource and review these demands of the BLM Chicago chapter to better understand systemic racism. Learn what defunding the police really means and about calls to reallocate dollars to communities of color. Examples can be seen in Minneapolis removing police from their Public Schools, State University, and Public Parks and Los Angeles reallocating $150m into social services for communities of color. Learn more about the deep roots of systemic racism embedded in our current food system and how to engage in work that actively dismantles racism. Get informed and vote for legislative change. 

If you would like to support rebuilding efforts in the City, check out opportunities at My Block, My Hood, My City for ways to volunteer and donate. Or support these other organizations:

Black Lives Matter Chicago

Chicago Community Bond Fund

The #LetUsBreathe Collective

Assata’s Daughters

Brave Space Alliance

Mom’s United Against Violence and Incarceration

And the following organizations who are rebuilding the foodscape for black lives:

Sweetwater Foundation

Grow Greater Englewood

Soul Fire Farm

To learn more about food organizations working to dismantle racism and other injustices in the food movement follow: @FoodChainWorkers, @RealFoodMedia, @SoulFireFarm, @HEALFoodAlliance, @ChiFoodPolicy, @CivilEats and more.

In solidarity,

Rosie Fitz

on behalf of the LSCC Board of Directors


June 21 - October 25

Outdoors at Logan Blvd from Milwaukee to Whipple

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