The Market Takes Place Every Sunday From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Through October 26th

Logan Bl. from Milwaukee to Whipple


Performing July 27th "Amen Brothers"

Originally inspired by different ballad styles: dust bowl, neo soul, holy roll, Anthony writes songs by stealing from every attainable genre. The Amen Brothers take those punning love poems and mold them into something hip. Alex Knapp, who I've seen shoulder the weight of a baby grand, plays everything but mostly cello. Ed Yanasak, a balladeer himself, played Jazz trombone for most of his life and does so in this group. 'T' Powell # 5, hound of the Green Mill, plucks and bows the upright. Nathan Staley, who is formally trained in hitting things with hands, mallets, and sticks, plays the drums. Most of The Amen Brother's tunes are about social/historical events, but if you call it political, they will scoff loudly in your face.  The Brothers have no affiliations.


At The Community Tent July 27th "CAPS" (Community Policing)

Visit with volunteers from the CAPS program and learn how participating in the program can help keep you and your neighborhood safe. Find where and when your next beat meeting will take place.




At the Commercial Tent July 27th "@Properties Anna Mayer-Huls"


Anna Mayer-Huls of @Properties will be available to answer any questions about real estate, the Chicago market, Logan Square, short sales and foreclosures.


 The 2014 Outdoor Farmers Market Occurs Every Sunday Through October 26th


The Outdoor Farmers Market will run every Sunday from May 18th through October 26th. The hours are 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.

The Market will take place on Logan Boulevard from Milwaukee Avenue to Whipple Street.

Food! Music! Entertainment! Socializing! Fun!







Hey thanks, to The Chicago Sun-Times for highlighting how healthy foods can be found at the Logan Square Farmers Market every Sunday. Thanks for shopping here, Levi!


Have You Ever Wondered What Happens to the Food Left Over From the Farmers Market? 


Wonder no more!

At the Outdoor Market, volunteers from Elijah's Pantry, a ministry of St. Luke's Church come to the Market each Sunday to collect donations of left over or excess food from vendors  

If you would like to help out with a food or cash donation Elijah's Pantry is located at St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 2649 N.Francisco Av. and is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 -11:00am 

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Food stamps (Illinois Link/Snap cards) and credit cards are now accepted at the market. 

Logan Square Farmers Market™ and the Winter Indoor Market is run independently by the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce. We thank the City of Chicago's Mayor's Office of Special Events for their assistance in launching the market in 2005 and partnering with the Chamber to grow.

For a list of vendors including links to their websites

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Enriching Logan Square: The Chamber of Commerce has set aside information stalls for both community organizations and local businesses that want to reach out to folks at the market. Click Here for more information.

(Community Supported Agriculture) offer a box of the farmer's freshest produce or meat every week. The vegetables vary, depending on what the farmer is growing. Eating from the local foodshed brings with it so many benefits, from offering an affordable source of healthy food while reducing the carbon footprint incurred delivering that food to our plates, to supplying a connection for where our food comes from, to creating a true sense of food security. Joining CSAs help farmers thrive, while also giving you the freshest veggies available in a weekly box!

While you are shopping at the market, please ask the Farmer if they provide CSAs  


In case you missed the "Flash Mob" at the October 28, 2012 Outdoor Market click here for a link to the video 


Visit the Market Virtually by Watching This Video

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Video courtesy of Mackenzie Neaton, a film student at columbia college.


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