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Since 2005, The Logan Square Farmers Market (LSqFM) has been an open-air food market and weekly community gathering. In 2007, the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce (LSCC) took on this effort and has been LSqFM's premier organizer since. The LSqFM is a place where farmers and small-scale food producers from the Chicago Food Shed sell their goods and build relationships with consumers; where residents come to see their neighbors, be fed and entertained; and participate in the Logan Square community.


Today we remain one of the only weekly, year-round, Farmers Markets in the City of Chicago. For more information go to Chicago Farmers Markets.


The Market has three primary goals

  1. To Build an Alternative Food System: The LSqFM provides an outlet for nutritious, conscientiously grown, and produced local foods, and education about these foods, for all members of our community regardless of income level.  This is accomplished by a thorough assessment of the vendors and by facilitating SNAP benefit sales and credit or debit card sales. During the Outdoor Seasons, all produce farmers at the LSqFM will be able to accept Farmers Market Nutrition Program checks offered to WIC/Senior Clients from the IL Department of Human Services. In July 2021, we will be able to offer Double Dollars to our SNAP users, matching up to $15 using LINK cards and FMNP checks in vouchers to be spent on fresh produce at the Logan Square Farmers Market.

  2. To Foster Entrepreneurship: The LSqFM functions as an incubator for small-scale, local entrepreneurs, especially those in the food sector.  Applications from small-scale farmers, producers, and other food businesses will be given preference.  The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce rents space throughout the season to various Logan Square based non-food businesses to help them increase their profile.

  3. To Build Community: The LSqFM serves the community by raising the profile of the neighborhood, reinforcing a positive image of Logan Square, and creating a site for civic engagement and entertainment.


  • 2005 - City of Chicago’s Mayor’s Office of Special Events launches, "The Logan Square Farmers Market"

  • 2007 - City of Chicago partners with the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce (LSCC) and the LSCC becomes the LSqFM's new organizer

  • 2008 - Became the first in the State of Illinois to process EBT for LINK Card Users

  • 2009 - The Indoor Market Season during the fall and winter months is introduced

  • 2013  - Featured as one of "8 Must-Visit Farmer's Markets Around the U.S." by Zagat

  • 2016 -  Named “Best Farmers Market in Chicago” by Chicago Magazine and received an Honorable mention in the New York Time’s "36 Hours in Chicago"

  • 2017 -  Honored as the Best Farmers Market in Illinois by USA Today

  • 2019 -  Voted "Best Farmers' Market" in Chicago Reader's, "Best of Chicago 2019"

  • 2020 - Voted "Best Farmers' Market" in Chicago Reader's, "Best of Chicago 2020"

  • 2021 - Voted "Best Street Market" in Chicago by Time Out Chicago's 'Best of 2021'

The LSqFM is a proud member of the Farmers Market Coalition and the Illinois Farmers Market Association.

The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce (LSCC)

An association of nearly 200 local business members, whose mission is to advance the civic and commercial interests of Logan Square. The Chamber is a tax-exempt 501(c)6 not-for-profit community organization. The organization is under the direction of Nilda Esparza, Executive Director:

2808 W. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60618

Phone: 773-489-3222

Office Covid-19 Hours: 10:00AM - 1:30PM



When and Where is the Logan Square Farmers Market (LSqFM)?


The LSqFM is one of the only weekly, year-round Farmers Markets in the City of Chicago.  It operates two distinct seasons at two separate locations on Sundays from 9AM to 2PM. 

Outdoor Market Season: 

Our 2021 Outdoor Season starts May 2022 

At Logan Boulevard between Milwaukee Avenue and Whipple Street (3107 W. Logan Blvd., Chicago, 60647)

Indoor Market Season:

Indoor location varies every year. ​

Are dogs allowed?

Not during our indoor market, unless it is a service animal. Bring your fluffy friends back for the outdoor market this Spring!

How can I participate at the LSqFM as a community organization or a local business?


Each week one tent is set aside for local businesses and artisans to rent to promote their business, and another for local non-profits and community organizations to talk about their work or mission. Learn more on how to participate as a community organization or a local business.

Where can I find details about this week's market?


Kindly reference "This Sunday" for updated weekly vendor attendance as well as parking info.

What role does the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce play?

The LSqFM is organized by The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce, which is an association of nearly 200 local businesses whose mission is to advance the civic and commercial interests of the Logan Square community. The LSCC  is a tax-exempt 501(c)6 not-for-profit community organization.

What precautions is the LSqFM taking towards Covid-19 pandemic?


The LSqFM has designated 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM as a shopping hour for high-risk populations, as well as requiring face coverings upon entering the LSqFM. Please review LSqFM Covid-19 Guidelines prior to visiting the market, which applies to LSqFM customers, vendors, volunteers and staff.

Does the LSqFM accept debit and credit cards?


Yes, most vendors accept debit and credit cards. Some also accept other electronic payments such as Venmo, Zelle, and Apple Pay.

Does the LSqFM accept SNAP, Link, and EBT?


Yes, since 2007, every vendor selling SNAP-eligible foods is required to accept SNAP payments at the LSqFM. Vendors will write your total on a yellow post-it note that you will then walk over to the Chamber booth to process your transactions.

Are all the Vendors at the LSqFM Certified Organic?


While all of our vendors are small growers, producers, and artisans from the Midwestern Food Shed, not all of them are certified organic. The LSqFM strongly supports and encourages sustainable agricultural and business practices.  For many of our vendors, their operation is too small to allow them the resources to pursue USDA Organic Certification.  The LSqFM has decided to allow these vendors to sell at our LSqFM with the belief that as we help them succeed, they will be more able to follow healthful and sustainable practices

How can I participate at the LSqFM as a music performer?


Due to Covid-19 Guidelines, we have canceled all at-market programming for the 2021-2022 season.

How can I support the LSqFM?


You can either donate, sponsor, or volunteer!

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