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Applications are closed for the 2022 outdoor season.

Notes & Eligibility

  • The City of Chicago and the Illinois Farmers Market Association will continue to abide by Covid-19 Guidelines implemented in 2020. For the LSqFM Outdoor Season, this means we are limited to 40 spaces to vend.

  • The LSqFM is a Producer Only Market. Interested applicants must be the Primary Producer of food or agricultural product produced within 250 miles of Logan Square, Chicago

  • We receive a large number of applications in addition to selecting applicants that best meet LSqFM requirements. *Applying does not guarantee acceptance to the LSqFM. Incomplete applications and applications without an accompanying fee and all requested requirements will not be read or considered. Please read through LSqFM Market Rules and Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

Vendor Guidelines

  1. All vendors must use only compostable disposables at the LSqFM. Disposables include to-go containers and to-go bags. The LSqFM strongly prefers compostable packaging and bags wherever possible. Please note: Products should read compostable or certified compostable. Terms like biodegradable, bio-based, and plant-based products do not indicate compostable.

  2. Bakers/Processors and Prepared Food Vendors must source and highlight at least one prominent ingredient directly from an LSqFM Farmer at every Market. Proof of purchase required. Limited exceptions may be made at the sole discretion of Market Management.

  3. All processed and prepared food products must be processed and prepared in a certified, inspected kitchen by certified staff.

  4. To be considered, coffee roasters must be roasting within 250mi of Chicago and coffee may only be carried by coffee roasters at the Indoor 2020-21 Market. Strong preference will be given to businesses based and/or roasted in Logan Square.

Vendor Categories

1.Farmer/Producer - for farmers or producers of raw or minimally processed agricultural (i.e., produce, livestock/dairy farmers, fishermen, beekeepers, etc.)
LSqFM produce farmers must accept LINK, Double Value Coupons, and Farmers Market Nutrition Program Checks from customers


2.Baker/Processor – for bakers or processors of products made from raw or minimally processed ingredients. (i.e. soup makers, soap makers, baked goods, coffee roasters, juices, ice creams, etc).
LSqFM Bakers/Processors must produce their products in a certified commercial kitchen with health inspection documentation as well as a Food Safety Manager Certification.


3.Prepared Food – for qualified makers of prepared foods. Please note that PF vendors MUST have all items packaged "to-go" as there is no consumption on-site due to the Covid-19 pandemic. PF vendors must use compostable disposables and should source as many local ingredients as your product allows. Please review the City of Chicago’s “Guidelines for Food Handling at Temporary Food Service Events.” Certification must be renewed annually. For training see: Illinois Restaurant Association or Logan Square Kitchen







LSFM Indoor & Outdoor Seasons

The LSqFM is a year-round, 2 Season market. Vendors must re-apply each season for consideration.

  1. Outdoor Season: May 8th through October 30. Applications open now! Click here!

  2. Indoor Season: November through March27 . Applications closed.

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