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All customers must strictly follow market rules:

*as a business we have the right to enforce COVID guidelines as we see fit

  1. Unless you are at high risk, please do not visit the market before 10am. Respect the priority shopping hour for those at high risk of COVID-19, this includes: seniors, pregnant parents, and immunocompromised populations.

  2. Masks are required from 9am -10am . If you do not have one, we will provide you with a disposable mask. Customers are also encouraged to sanitize via the info booth on their way in.

  3. If possible, please limit your shopping party to 1-2 healthy shoppers per household. Shoppers must be free of any covid-19 symptoms.​​

  4. Customers who fail to comply with expectations will be asked to leave. Violations of these rules may put us at risk for losing our permit and being forced to shut down. Changes will be made as needed and announced in the newsletter.

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